Doyle Carden Group’s anti-money laundering and investigative services have addressed money laundering, terrorist financing, and complex litigation matters for clients around the world for more than 14 years. Our global network includes former federal law enforcement agents, financial industry professionals, and former regulators. Call on us to help you navigate the challenges you face.

Doyle Carden Group’s (DCG) consulting professionals have been placed with banks and international consulting firms to work on AML and Risk Management projects for many years. We have successfully provided between one and 160 investigators for AML transaction Look-Backs, Know Your Customer file reviews, Customer Identification Program remediation assignments; BSA/AML/OFAC Policies and Procedures development; Training; Transaction and Reputational due diligence investigations; Cryptocurrency investigative reviews; SAR writing; and other AML or OFAC / Sanctions projects.

Experienced professionals are always at the core of DCG’s AML Project Staffing offerings. They come from banking, government and private sectors with extensive experience performing project work for financial institutions. Collectively the group has conducted analysis and investigations of millions of financial transactions, interviewed hundreds of witnesses and suspects and provided written documentation of findings to scores of satisfied clients.

A client should never pay for a consultant’s on-the-job training. The experienced personnel provided by DCG are ready to “hit the ground running” and are “best of breed” in performing the work required by our financial services clientele.

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Compliance and AML management often find themselves with special projects and one-time needs without the staff to address them. These situations can occur as the result of regulatory exams, acquisition, consolidation, programmatic changes, new product lines, gaps in procedures and protocols, risk ratings changes, or new transaction monitoring system implementation.

Doyle Carden Group (DCG) is prepared to respond with the solution to temporary special project staffing at a moment’s notice with the same level of professionals with which we respond to all our AML engagements. Whether the need is for a few resources for a few weeks or a large team for many months, we work with each client to ensure the makeup of the team is precisely suited to the size and scope of each project.

At the core of DCG’s service offerings are the most experienced teams of professionals anywhere drawn from government, industry, and private practice and comprised of former law enforcement agents, regulators, forensic accountants, and industry experts. These individuals have conducted scores of remediation and proactive engagements on behalf of financial institutions. They have conducted analysis and investigation of thousands of financial transactions, interviewed hundreds of witnesses, and provided written documentation of their findings to scores of satisfied clients. We pride ourselves on the fact that our professional resources are the “best of breed.” We at Doyle Carden Group do not believe that a client should ever pay for a consultant’s on-the-job training.

DCG’s Teams of Investigators - from One to Hundreds

  • Transaction Alert Backlog Investigators
  • Know Your Customer Analysts
  • Enhanced Due Diligence Investigators
  • Suspicious Activity Report Writers
  • Quality Assurance Investigators and Team Leaders
  • Trade Based Financing Investigators
  • Cryptocurrency Project Investigators
  • Periodic Account Reviewers
  • Model Validation Output Analysts
  • Remote Project Investigators
William Goss, CAMS
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Doyle Carden Group (DCG) has assisted financial institutions of all sizes and geographies with the day to day management of their AML compliance needs. Our more than one thousand AML Investigators are experienced in a variety of AML software applications and can quickly begin the reduction of output whether caused by loss of staff, changes of rules, new systems implementation or by mergers or acquisitions.

For Ongoing Monitoring requirements, DCG is perfectly suited to provide experienced investigators to review generated alerts and determine whether additional reviews are needed and conduct additional investigation when warranted. Reactively or proactively, DCG’s Independent Contractors will also provide a financial institution Client with a level of independence when addressing its BSA/AML/KYC/OFAC challenges.

Doyle Carden Group also provides Clients with an efficient, secure, and cost-effective solution to enable highly skilled and experienced AML Investigators to work remotely under your guidance and generate high quality output. Our remote and hybrid remote worker solutions give your financial institution the flexibility to utilize experienced AML resources ready to hit the ground running.

William Goss, CAMS
917-783-4193 (c)

Doyle Carden Group LLC is an investigative and anti-money laundering (AML) consulting firm specializing in providing clients with customized solutions to their unique investigative and anti-money laundering compliance needs. One of our core competencies is conducting corporate and litigation support investigations.

Doyle Carden Group has extensive experience investigating potential wrongdoing on behalf of corporations, small businesses, outside counsel, as well as individual litigators. Our experience is extensive in nature and global in reach. Our investigations have included among others - product liability, internal and external theft, financial statement fraud, international money laundering, environmental misconduct, jury tampering and extortion. Our investigations are conducted through our network of over 800 former federal law enforcement investigators from the FBI, IRS-CID, US Postal Service, Drug Enforcement Administration and Immigration & Customs Enforcement. Our investigators are specifically selected for each engagement based upon the needs of the client and the unique aspects of each individual assignment. Many of our investigators are uniquely qualified in specific areas and have testified in litigation matters as Expert Witnesses in various local and Federal courts.

Our investigators are highly experienced from decades in law enforcement and the private sector in the following investigative areas:

  • conducting background investigations
  • locating witnesses and subjects
  • service of subpoenas and court orders
  • witness interviews
  • forensic accounting
  • computer forensics
  • document and financial record review

Our investigative methods are not only very effective but always above reproach. Preserving our clients’ reputation and integrity is as important to us as ensuring our own. Good results come from good investigations.

Mark Calnan
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Doyle Carden Group (DCG) recognizes and appreciates the responsibility that companies have for competent, effective and informed decision making. The proper vetting of parties to a transaction, business relationship or potential new hire is critical to the mitigation of risk.

DCG background, due diligence investigations and risk intelligence reporting are normally prepared in-house, using highly trained retired FBI Agents and industry professionals with extensive years of investigative experiences and contacts. This ensures that DCG can produce consistent, high quality, quick turnaround times, while still controlling costs without the risk of compromising confidential information.

Each of our investigations is based upon the unique need of our clients and most include at a minimum the following areas of inquiry:

  • Corporate history, holding companies, affiliates and subsidiaries
  • Shareholders, management, registered agent and legal representatives
  • Banking and credit references
  • Origin of funds and origin of wealth
  • Pending and prior federal, state and municipal civil actions
  • Criminal history and related court proceedings
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Regulatory violations and actions
  • Tax and credit liens and judgments
  • Other business affiliations
  • Real estate mortgages and deeds
  • Resume and education verification
  • Media and internet references that indicate problems or areas of risk
  • Independent assessment through industry contacts
  • Questionable personal or professional behavior through media, internet and industry research
  • OFAC Searches
  • Reference interviews
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